Monday, October 15, 2012

Fedora 17 - Install Scanner

Fedora's live KDE disk does not ship with any scanning software.  There are two very useful programs that I use for scanning, depending on what I am scanning.

The most flexible scanning software available.  Xsane gives you fine grain control over scanning.  One very handy feature is the ability to batch scan multiple areas of your scanner, which is great for scanning photos using time-consuming high resolution settings.

Just as the name indicates.  A very simple scanner.  Place document, hit scan, and go.  The one very nice feature of simple-scan is the ability to batch scan several sheets into a single PDF file, provided you have the hardware to do so.  Many multifunction printers have an automatic document feeder feature


Before any scanning software can be used, the backend that controls the scanner must be installed.  Sane, an acronym for Scanner Access Now Easy, is just that.  Install it, and go.  Any sane compatible scanner will work.  I've had success with HP MFC printers, and I have a Canon scanner.  Both work with no issues, including the wireless HP MFC printer!

As root,

yum -y install sane-backends-drivers-scanners

You may find it necessary to unplug and re-plug in the USB cable to your scanner before trying one of the below scanning programs.


As root, with your USB scanner attached and powered up

yum -y install xsane

Simple Scan

As root,

yum -y install simple-scan


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